Turning the complex into the simple leads to peace of mind

Before coming to us, our clients, a retired couple, had been making investments on a piecemeal basis with no overall strategy. This led to overly complicated investments and a mountain of paperwork.


A retired couple who have amassed significant non-property assets over time. Both worked in the Public Sector and have significant pension income.


Home £400,000
Cash £100,000
Investments £500,00

Challenges Faced

1. Confusion

Having considered their finances to be straightforward due to good pension provision, our clients never felt the need for a dedicated financial adviser or planner in the past. This led to investments being made in a piece meal style with no overall strategy. This resulted in a portfolio of complicated investments which in some circumstances weren’t appropriate.

2. Complexity

Complex investments were leading to an ever increasing amount of time having to be put aside to understand the overall position and deal with regular paperwork arriving by post.

3. Ongoing burden

Our clients were becoming increasingly concerned with their ability to handle the ever increasing paperwork as they got older.

What we did

We simplified and consolidated the 40 or so existing arrangements onto one consolidated platform.

We utilised respective tax bands and allowances and split the portfolios between them effectively.

We developed an investment strategy that was aligned to our clients’ risk profile and tolerances.

The Results

Our clients have a very clear handle on all aspects of their wealth. This clarity has stopped the worry about suitability of investments and our clients’ can now concentrate on enjoying their retirement.

A considerable amount of satisfaction has resulted in knowing that everything is in order and finances will not be a burden for loved ones left behind.