Providing a client with a clear picture of all aspects of his wealth

Our business owner client now has a clear picture of his total financial position and the knowledge his investments are working for him.

With this has come peace of mind and the security that he can start to plan an early exit from his business.


Married, male client aged 55 with two teenage children. One half of a successful partnership generating very significant income of £250,000+ per annum.


Home £500,000
Cash £200,000
Investments £350,000
Pension Funds £1,000,000
Holiday Homes £300,000
Value of Business Unknown

Challenges Faced

1. Retirement

Although clearly enjoying a very healthy income, no real structured planning had been undertaken in relation to retiring from the business.

Various pension plans had been ‘purchased’ in the past but had been very much on an ad hoc basis.

2. Confusion

Due to the time pressures involved in running a successful business all previous relationships with an adviser had been conducted on a ‘reactive’ basis.

This led to the investments / pension funds being held in too many accounts and with no structure.

This resulted in more paperwork for the client and a tax inefficient portfolio.

3. Business – What value?

The clients had no idea of their current expenditure or their likely costs in retirement.

What we did

Simplified and consolidated the plethora of existing arrangements (c50+) onto one consolidated platform.

This enabled us to develop a bespoke investment strategy aligned with the clients risk profile and tolerances.

Once the client could then ‘see the woods for the trees’ we were able to undertake some cash flow analysis to determine capital and income needs.

This clarity enabled the client to see the bigger picture and open dialogue with his business partner with a view to them planning for an exit from the business. The knowledge that they had time on their side enabled this planning to be done effectively and ensure that they received real value for the business they have built up over a number of years.

The Result

Our client now has a very clear handle on all aspects of his wealth and for the first time in years truly feels that his investments are working for him in a structured and coherent way.

The peace of mind this approach has brought coupled with the knowledge of their financial security has enabled the client and his business partner to seek the optimum value from their business interests.