Financial Planning

Our financial planning process looks at what you want out of life and how you can achieve it financially. First we spend time understanding your goals and what’s important to you. Then we look at how you can use your wealth to achieve your goals in the most effective and cost efficient manner.

The end result? You have a clear perspective of your current and future financial position. You also have a financial adviser who will work with you in the long term to give you on going security and knowledge.

The Cube 6 Stage Financial Planning Process

Cube Financial Planning Process

1. Explain our service

We establish your needs and explain how our service works, our payment terms and how decisions are made.

2. Review your current situation and aspirations

We get to know you better. We explore your interests, your values, your goals and your most important relationships. We gather all the relevant financial information. We document your personal goals and your financial goals.

3. Lifetime cash flow modeling

We believe that cash flow modelling plays an important part of creating a financial plan. This is where we gather details of your income, outgoings, assets and liabilities to gain a true understanding of your entire financial position. We can then match this with what you want to achieve with your life and look at a number of ‘what if?’ scenarios to demonstrate different outcomes.

The end result is a clear picture of how much money you will need without it ever running out. By reviewing this regularly we can make sure you stay on track as your needs and external influences change.

4. Financial Plan

Having analysed your current position, we present a summary to you along with the actions required to meet your financial objectives. This includes constructing a recommended portfolio that we believe will address your investment needs.

5. Implement

We agree how our recommendations will be implemented and coordinate the process with you and other professionals such as lawyers and accountants.

6. Review, monitor and adjust

We monitor progress against achievement of your goals. We review with you on pre-agreed timescales and provide further recommendations and adjustments as necessary.

Our financial planning process can help you achieve


Full knowledge and understanding of your current position


By undertaking cash flow planning, we can address any uncertainty you may be feeling


An investment approach which incorporates the need for liquidity and diversification


To focus on what’s important to you


Developed for your future

Regular reviews

Checking against your strategy as your needs change.